Poultry drinking water sanitation

Biofilm removal

Disease control fogging

Water Sanitation

Disease Prevention Treatment

Elimination Of Pathgoens & Biofilms

Contaminated surface sanitation

Destruction of pathogens

Food processing water and equipment sanitation

Increase in Corrosion

Friction & Energy loss

Increase in Maintenance costs

Patient & staff clothing sanitation

Distribution pipe lines sanitation & biofilm removal

Hospital floor sanitation

Poultry farm
Improved Liability        Weight Gain
Improved Water Quality     Feed Sanitation
Hospitality Industry
Sanitation of kitchen equipment & food rinse
Residential complexes        Commercial facilities
Hospital & Healthcare
Operation theatre        Hospital Laundry
Welcome to Aqua Clentech

Aqua Clentech is a company specialised in wide range of application of sanitising agent Aqua Balanced Chlorine Dioxide (ABCD) and customized delivery mechanisms/processes/solutions.

Aqua Clentech has entered into a tie-up with Macs Water Remedies Pvt Ltd who has developed state of the art aqueous formulation for Aqua Balanced Chlorine Dioxide (ABCD). Under this arrangement our company has exclusive rights to retail and develop applications of Aqua Balanced Chlorine Dioxide (ABCD) for the consumers in the name and style of Clens Dioxide.

Our team consisting of experienced professionals in collaboration with research and testing laboratories, field experts, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), technology provider and manufacturer develop applications of Clens Dioxide that are effective and economical in various industrial processes.

Our Applications :

Aqua Clentech has developed manual and automated activation, dilution, dosing and chlorine dioxide residual monitoring and delivery systems for Clens Dioxide.

The automated systems are only required where monitoring of chlorine dioxide residual is critical.